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October 21, 2015

Outsider’s Guide: Life after ADE


BY VINCENT REINDERS – The smoke has cleared, the city is calming down: Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 is a wrap. Almost 400,000 people from all over the world came down to party or to connect with music industry fellows. The huge festival has definitely helped Amsterdam’s thriving nightlife in the past 20 years. Let me share the things I enjoyed most, last week.

Venue – Radion
A year ago a new venue called Radion opened its doors and this Saturday iconic record labels Rush Hour and L.I.E.S. joined their forces. Honestly: I was blown away. 


Radion is a former dental center turned into a huge dark space with a big main room, a smaller second room with lots of stairs and cushioned coves and a light basement cafe. That night I had one of the best nights of my life. With the right DJs and the right crowd it will definitely be my new favorite party palace.

3voor12 top 12
Music platform 3voor12 just listed the ADE Top12 and explains why these twelve tunes were so important this weekend. They’ve also created a 27 hour long Spotify playlist with artists and songs that definitely ruled ADE. 

I couldn’t go out on Friday night, because I had to host a panel on Saturday morning, for a vodka brand that celebrated visual art in nightlife. I thought I knew a lot about VJs and visual art but Mr. Beam and WERC Collective completely blew me away! They told me that the visual art revolution in nightlife is just beginning and only few DJ’s and electronic live acts know the endless visual opportunities that can help make their music even better. 

Stoked for 2016
If you’re working in the music industry, ADE is every year’s highlight. Besides the partying, it’s the best opportunity to meet people and learn stuff. I’m looking forward to next year when the majestic A’DAM Tower 
will be finished to become the festival’s main hotspot.

Skærmbillede 2015-10-21 kl. 11.14.49

Werc Collective
Mr. Beam
A’DAM Toren

About Vincent
Vincent Reinders (31) is founder and creative director of music discovery platform 22tracks . He is born and raised in Amsterdam, he grew up in Gein – the multicultural south east of Amsterdam. In his blogs, Vincent cherry-picks club nights, festivals, music releases and music videos. Just like his 22tracks platform online, he will cover the overlooked and underrated instead of the obvious and popular.

Vincent Reinders - Krijn

22tracks just launched a new playlist called “Dutch Electronic”. It is curated by local icons such as Tom Trago, Aardvarck, Awanto 3, San Proper and the rest of the Voyage Direct label team and consists of both Dutch obscure house and techno as well as current dancefloor fillers.

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