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November 4, 2015

Outsider’s Guide: Museum Night


BY EMMELIE KOSTER – Museumnight! One of the best cultural initiatives of our city. Museums are swanking about and bring spectacular events to the table for this 16th edition. Almost 300 official Museumnacht events to choose from. “Keuzestress” – let me help you out.

Get Ready
 First things first: buy your ticket right now – In previous years tickets have sold out fast. The passe partout will give you entrance to all 53 locations. The ticket also grants you access to revisit one of the museums later in the year. This is great because you rarely get to see any current exhibitions, as there is usually too much going on and too many people to really enjoy it.

Tickets covered? OK. Now where should you go? Pretty much every museum that participates is showing their muscles and serving drinks. Some places will have major queues though. So allow some flexibility when planning and have a few back-up options ready. 

Video art at Rijksakademie
I’m really happy to see a lot of video art in this year’s program. De Appel Arts Centre is showing a selection of video works from the LIMA collection. Also the Rijksakademie, a beautiful building usually not open to the public, is presenting a selection of short movies selected by their artists in residence. The other events at Rijksakademie are great too, like a crash course looking at art and a tour of the artist studios by the artists. Exploring the building alone is worth the visit, seeing the artists in their studios is even better.


Walk around Museumplein
// Van Gogh Museum
Geoffrey Lillemon is taking over all screens at the Van Gogh Museum. His work is amazing and quite overwhelming, this should really be something to look forward too. Definitely some queues to be expected here, so it’s best to try and make it before 21:00. 

// Stedelijk Museum
Stedelijk Museum is closing the ZERO exhibition at Museumnacht with a light installation by Children of the Light. Trouw has had the same light installation and it was immersive and magical.


// Rijksmuseum
If the queues aren’t too long, you should not pass up on an opportunity to visit the Rijksmuseum. Check out their new multi-media tour about Dutch colonial history, it’s probably the ugliest thing in the building and because of that also a mandatory visit. 


Life after Museumnacht
I don’t want to leave you culturally deprived once Museum Night is over. Later this month, Dominic Watson’s exhibition Significant Culture will open at gallery Boetzelaer&Nispen. I like trailers for gallery exhibitions so here is one.

Museumnacht Amsterdam
7th November // 19:00 – 02:00 // tickets

Boetzelaer & Nispen
Significant Culture // Dominic Watson
27th November //

About Emmelie
Emmelie Koster (28) is founder and curator of No Man’s Art Gallery. For her gallery, she crosses the globe in search of emerging artists and organises temporary exhibitions in every city she visits. When she is not roaming the world, she spends her days in Amsterdam where the gallery has a permanent exhibition space. Also an independent art advisor, Emmelie is always up to speed of who is showing where, and what not to miss. Discover her top art picks in her monthly Volkshotel blog.


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