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January 13

Outsider’s Guide: Tommy Page Mantique


BY SUZANNE SMULDERS – Here’s one for the boys. Vintage clothing is quite a popular concept for Amsterdam girls, but all the men in love with items from past eras, have quite a hard time finding their treasures. Well, I’ve got some good news for you boys: Tommy Page Mantique is the place where all your vintage dreams will come true!


The one and only
Tommy Page is the one and only vintage menswear store in Amsterdam. When entering the shop at the heart of the city, it feels like stepping into a time capsule. Wow! It’s the greatest selection of handpicked items from different decades, displayed beautifully throughout the whole shop. Next to an elaborate offer of the finest blazers, stylish suits and stonewashed denims, there are also extraordinary accessories to complete your look. You better take your time when passing by Tommy’s, it will be worth the experience.


The man behind the concept
The shop is run by designer Tommy Page, who has a trained eye for quality, detail and collector’s items. As a designer, Tommy has collected unique menswear items for quite a while already. All the things he found throughout the years are brought together in his store, kind of like his own vintage library. His knowledge, appearance and passion make him a one of a kind salesman. The service is as impeccable as his looks.


If you plan on swinging by Tommy Page Mantique in the near future make sure to say hi from me!

About Suzanne
Suzanne Smulders (30) recently started LENA the fashion library, a place where you can borrow a great selection of vintage clothing and local designers. For Volkshotel she writes about fashion. Things that are new, things that are different, things that are a must see… and things that just caught her eye.

Suzanne Smulders

Prinsenstraat 7
1015DA, Amsterdam

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