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January 28, 2016

Outsider’s Guide: Weekend help


BY VINCENT REINDERS – For me, this month is all about programming our 22tracks festival named 22fest. It’s one big puzzle to find the right order and right act for every stage. It will be a combination of new live acts and favorite 22tracks DJs in beats, hip hop, indie, disco, house and bass. It’s refreshing to do something completely different for a month, but it also feels a bit crazy to book a program for July when it’s only January. I might be fan of different new acts in July, but it’ll be too late to book them. A lot easier is to tell you what’s happening right now, so here are the best events this weekend!

Friday night 29.01.16
The legendary illustrator Piet Parra will host a night at the Van Gogh Museum, with Sofie Winterson playing some nice tunes by his side. However if you’re looking for a less laid back evening, and want to knock it up a notch… Then you should most definitely check out one of these two parties: Studio/K is hosting their special night Afri/K  featuring La Banda Fantastica: Cumbia Classics only! At OT301, there will be an even wilder night where you can find Carlos Valdes (known for Is Burning, LET, 22tracks) who has invited Lakuti (a Panorama Bar regular) over. 

Saturday night 30.01.16
This night, will be all about the next generation hip hop stars in “De Grote Prijs van Nederland.” If you understand Dutch, you’ll discover that finalist Le Seton is one of the funniest new rappers out there. 

That same night, I’m also very honored to play the opening set for one of the best DJs and record collectors I ever met: Jon K. We’ll go from hard beats to soft soul classics and from obscure house to mellow hip hop at Canvas. 


So, as you see there will be enough to do, here are 3 music tips you can listen to, while deciding which party to choose:

♢ One of the best new rappers to do it : Allan Kingdom // Listen
♢ Majid Jordan will release their debut album on February 5
♢ Brand new producer, Nikitch making great trippy beats // Listen

About Vincent
Vincent Reinders (31) is founder and creative director of music discovery platform 22tracks . He is born and raised in Amsterdam, he grew up in Gein – the multicultural south east of Amsterdam. In his blogs, Vincent cherry-picks club nights, festivals, music releases and music videos. Just like his 22tracks platform online, he will cover the overlooked and underrated instead of the obvious and popular.

Vincent Reinders - Krijn

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