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September 13, 2016

Redlight Records


In the heart of Amsterdam resides the largest, oldest, and most well known red light district in the world. During the Dutch golden age the area attracted many immigrants and sailor folk, along with prostitution. The neighborhood was best known as a no go area due to the fact that all the boarded up housing, drug addicts, and dealers defined the general street image. This led to a grand clean up movement around the late 80’s. Infamous brothels had closed their doors and the neighborhood transformed into one that supported a plethora of different creative initiatives. One of those creative initiatives is the Red Light Complex.

This is an initiative that largely contributes to the positive changes that have been permeating through the neighborhood. An old brothel has been converted into a workplace for creative young individuals, and it’s become a homebase for the most eccentric radio station in Amsterdam: Red Light Radio. This young and creative radio station offers local and international artists an opportunity to get their music heard and so they are pushing the envelope in the online music branch. The musicians are in full view behind the window in a very similar fashion to the courtesans a few windows down. The common focus; pleasure. Audio related on this side of the story.


Within the confines of the red light complex there are 2 noteworthy record shops, named Redlight Records and Vintage Voodoo. These shops are specialized in obscure vinyl and here one can find rare gems from both new and vintage music styles. Redlight Records offers a very fine selection within genres such as jazz, fusion, funk, disco and experimental electronic music. On the other hand, exotic styles from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are best procured next door at Vintage Voodoo. Both shops are fairly compact, but stocked to the brim with quality records to make best use of the space available.


With an insatiable inclination to acquire the most outlandish record collection of Amsterdam you will find the real music collectors in these locations on a weekly basis, if not more often. Digging away to find the newest music in a record shop that offers tons of room to grow, discover, and will invariably change ones perception- if not vision- on music.

Red Light Records & Vintage Voodoo
Oudekerksplein 26
1012 GZ Amsterdam

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