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October 9

Rick’s tip: Amstel River


Our Volks Tip this week comes from our marketing employee, who shares his favourite spot for some people watching and relaxing: the Amstel River between Amsterdam East and Ouderkerk. “You can watch some rowers, take a nice long jog or even a quick dip”.

Here’s a short history lesson, for those who don’t know… Amsterdam actually took its name from the Amstel river. Back in the 13th century, the city developed from a small fishing village built next to a dam on the Amstel river, it was called Amstelredam. This later became Amsteldam, and finally stuck to it’s name Amsterdam.


Rick recommends that you visit the section of the Amstel River between Volkshotel and Ouderkerk, which is about 10 km long. “There’s some really nice houses there, it’s great to sit and relax, watch the cyclists in their ‘Tour de France’ gear or the rowing teams.”


“Sometimes I like to take a jog in the fresh morning fog. And in the summer days (or winter if you’re feeling brave) you can swim there. You can also take a walk to Ouderkerk and stop for a well deserved beer and bitterballen.” Rick explains with a huge grin. 

Who’s Rick?
A sporty, humble, nice guy who will never say no to beer. With his online marketing skills, Rick (30) makes sure people can find Volkshotel online, and are able to book a room with us. So make his job easier, book online at, he’ll thank you later.

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