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November 20, 2015

Sean’s tip: thriftshop Ari


Each week our inside volk give their best tips, on where to go in Amsterdam. This week Sean from IT, shares his favourite spot for some hidden treasures: Sean’s tip: second-hand shop Ari near the Vondelpark. Sean: “It’s a true adventure to walk around this shop.”


It looks like a flea market from the outside, but when stepping inside you find that it is actually an endlessly big maze filled with hidden treasures. Randomly placed objects stacked on top of each other, leaving only small paths to walk around on. It’s a true adventure to try and reach the back of the store. Sean: “The first time I was in there, I was so surprised, everywhere I looked there was something new that caught my eye.”


Ari, the shop owner, can tell you a story behind every item in the shop (which sure is a lot) and will not be shy to pull a joke on you. One thing he doesn’t want is his shop to look like is a hip vintage shop (actually you better not call it ‘vintage’ at all). For that reason he just throws everything in there, leaving it up to his customers to explore.


And just a fun fact to wrap it all up: most furniture in the popular series “Mad Men”, was bought in this shop, pretty cool huh?

Who’s Sean?
Not only is he one of our 3 IT-specialists, he is also a pub-quiz master! Always testing his questions on us, making sure our first hand knowledge is on point.


With his part time IT job at Volkshotel, an internship at Fonk and his studies to look after, Sean is quite a busy man. However two things that he always finds time for, are listening to some good old 90’s hits and finding abandoned buildings to photograph and explore.

More info
Overtoom 532
1054 LL Amsterdam
tel. 06 52711591 (he has no website, so just call him)

How to get there from Volkshotel
Hop on tram 3 heading towards ‘Zuidkeetsgracht’ and get of at the ‘Overtoom’ stop. From here you can walk down the Overtoom street and find the shop on your right hand. (It will be hard to miss.)

©Photo credits

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