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November 12

Soraya’s tip: Pacific Parc

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Each week our inside volk give their best tips, on where to go in Amsterdam. This week Soraya from banqueting, shares her favourite spot for some crazy dancing, Pacific Parc in Westergasfabriek. Soraya: “It’s a very diverse and inspiring place”

Pacific Parc is one of those places that’s hard to find, but when found hard to forget again. With a raw, edgy look it attracts a very diverse audience ranging from punk rockers to expats. Soraya: “This tip is actually also meant as a reminder for myself, I should definitely go there more often.” 


Each night the place transforms from a restaurant to a club. A lot of people go there to eat and have drinks, but end up staying the whole night shaking their hips to live bands or a sleazy DJ. During summer they even have a great outside terrace, suitable for drinks, food and some great people watching.  


Pacific Parc is located in an old industrial area named Westergasfabriek. You will find that there is always something happening there. Not in the mood for dancing? Check out the cult cinema or Sunday markets which are also located in Westergasfabriek, or just go there for a quality espresso and a stroll through the park. 

Who is Soraya?
Soraya (23) is one of our Banqueting girls. When big groups arrive to attend events in our building, she is the one that makes sure everything looks and proceeds smoothly.


Soraya spills that her teen crush was Boy George, always getting very excited over his songs and videos. She laughs: “Somehow I always managed to crush on extremely gay celebrities, without knowing they were gay.”

//Pacific Parc
Polonceaukade 23
Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek
1014 DA Amsterdam

How to get there from Volkshotel
Take the metro 51, 53 or 54 to Amsterdam Central station, now take bus 21 going towards Geuzenveld. The bus will drop you of right in front of the entrance to Westergasfabriek, at the “Van Hallstraat” busstop.

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