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December 6, 2014

Volks Tip: Cafe de Wetering


Each week we ask our Volk to share their favourite Amsterdam spot. From brown bars to pumping parties, who knows what our eclectic mix of characters will recommend… This week: Cultural Programmer Ewa (27) shares one of secret hideouts and first date spot: Cafe de Wetering, in Amsterdam West, “It’s a really brown bar, nothing else to it” she explains, straight to the point.

Cafe de Wetering is a hidden gem, around the corner from the well known and busy Cafe Brecht. This place is traditional, where you can sit around the fireplace and get cosy. It’s great place for a first date, especially because it’s unlikely that you will bump into anyone you know. Bursting with locals, old, young, weird and wonderful. Sticking to simple, it’s a place that only accepts cash “I went with 3 friends and tried to scrape together some money, we asked for a euro from a stranger so we could get 3 beers”.

Cafe de wetering

This neighbourhood bar in a 17th century house is brown, cosy and not complicated. A place where time stood still and the word ‘bites’ is not familiar. So don’t expect a gin and tonic menu, it’s just straight up beers and Geneva. Keep it ‘old school’ don’t use your smartphone, read the newspaper, the out of date magazine or catch up with friends whilst you toast your cold feet by the fire.

Who’s Ewa?
Volkshotels’ Cultural Programmer and socialite Ewa is our party starter. She’s kind hearted, creative, amusing and can sing like Whitney Houston! She loves men with chest hair and tables with a little wobble in it!

Ewa is one of a kind, the type of girl who laughs when her bike gets stolen and who picks chocolate out of cereal instead of buying cookies.  “I like to eat the chocolate and nuts out of the cruesli mix and then leave the plain flakes, but then I don’t want those bits, so I throw it away, then I think about third world countries and I feel bad. But, I am careful with all other food waste…I promise”

Cafe de Wetering
Weteringstraat 37
1017 SM Amsterdam

How to get there from Volkshotel
Take the Tram 10 from Weesperplein (direction Westerpark) and get off at stop ‘Spiegelgracht’

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