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July 14

Leatitia’s Tip: Club Panama


We ask our Volk to share their favourite Amsterdam spot. From brown bars to pumping parties, who knows what our eclectic mix of characters will recommend… This week: Leatitia Klas our Manager Housekeeping, shares her spot for a good night of dancing: Panama on the Oostelijke Handelskade. Leatitia: “You can drink, dance and shake some bootie.”

Panama has been open for over a decade. It is located on the northern edge of Amsterdam and is surrounded by water. Housed in a former Port Authority building it encloses a nightclub, fine dining restaurant and sometimes acts as a concert venue. The decor is impressive due to its warehouse architecture of expansive high ceilings and windows.


Every second Saturday, Panama even hosts a disco train night, taking you back to the 70s and 80s. “I haven’t been for a while, I’m getting old, but I still have it in me to go and shake my bootie, I love to dance.” Leatitia explains as she lights up and chuckles to herself.

Panama club

Who’s Leatitia?
Leatitia is our in-house mother, looking after us all, keeping us in line and with a heart of gold. She is as loyal as a dog and just as loveable.


Leaititia has been with us since the beginning of the renovation, making sure rooms are clean and that everyone is happy. She will not leave until her work is done and doesn’t even wear a watch. She is just wonderful.

Oostelijke Handelskade 4
1019BM Amsterdam

How to get there from Volkshotel
Take the Metro 53/54 from Wibautstraat to Central Station, from there take Tram 26 towards IJburg. Get off at stop Oostelijke Handelskade. 

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