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February 20, 2015

Volks Tip: Space Oddity


Each week we ask our Volk to share their favourite Amsterdam spot. From brown bars to pumping parties, who knows what our eclectic mix of characters will recommend… This week: Erjee (31) our Graphic Designer shares one of his favourite shops for old school Sci Fi toys: Space Oddity on the Prinsengracht. Erjee: “It’s just a nerdy shop that I really dig”.

Space Oddity is bursting with TV/Movie toys, collectors items and an extensive collection of Star Wars toys, dating back to 1977. Fans of Sci Fi will be in heaven (or space). Be careful if you go in with a backpack, it’s a tight squeeze. “I love the second hand vintage section, the way things look when they are a bit yellow or slightly damaged” Erjee explains whilst he eyes up his own Star Wars Millenium Falcon.

He reminisces back to his childhood: “I used to get so hyped about different toys so I would play with them and then sell them to buy different ones… I regret that now, so basically I’ve started recollecting. I originally bought my Falcon for 10 Guilders (€4,-), I found one in Space Oddity Shop, in the same beat up state for €40,-, but I just had to have it again”.

Open 5 days a week and located on Prinsengracht. Space Oddity is the place where the young and old, delightfully hunt for treasures, all stacked up neatly in one compact store.

Who’s Erjee?
Erjee is the Graphic Designer for Volkshotel and Roest. He is a real perfectionist with huge attention to detail but also a heart of gold and whitty humour. He resides in our Broedplaats with his labrador ‘Thor’ who is pretty famous in the building. Alongside Graphic Design Erjee loves music and DJing, you never know what to expect to listen to when you visit his studio.FullSizeRender

Erjee likes the feeling when he washes his hands and he can see the grey come off – the sign of working hard.  He enjoys to make things with his hands, not just on the computer “the slightly uncontrollable human touch adds the warmth of perfectly imperfect”.

Space Oddity
Prinsengracht 204
1016 HD  Amsterdam

How to get there from Volkshotel
Take the Metro from Wibautstraat (direction Central Station) get off at stop Waterlooplein. Take the Tram 14 (towards Slotermeer) get off at Westermarkt.

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