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September 2, 2018

Volkshotel regular Psycho-Jones’s top spots


Crazy entertainer, DJ and Volkshotel regular Psycho-Jones takes you on a journey through his favorite spots in Amsterdam.

1. Roest

“The first place in Amsterdam I’ve ever played. The owners saw my band play and me DJ-ing in Berlin at “Salon zur Wilden Renate” and wanted me to come for their anniversary party in 2013. Over the years I’ve been booked at Roest countless times for DJ-ing, my bingo show or playing with my band. Either for regular events, jubilees or Oktoberfest. Roest is more than just a café. It’s a restaurant, club, lounge, gallery, shop, market, biergarten, beach, harbour. It also has a huge warehouse for bigger parties/festivals. A boiling melting pot.”

Jacob Bontiusplaats 1

2. Doka

“The venue’s name means darkroom. Having a darkroom in a hotel might sound nasty and weird, but it’s meant in the sense of a space in which photos are exposed and developed under red light. And you never know exactly what’s going to happen. Via Nadia & Thijs of Roest I got my first Booking at this darkest room of Amsterdam, even before the Volkshotel opened and everything was under construction. After my shows I just get into the elevator and directly into the cozy bedrooms upstairs. Volkshotel is my favorite hotel I ever stayed at. With all the floors, special areas and the events going on there. Canvas, Werkplaats, Doka and the things in between. Sauna, haircuts, exhibitions, record fairs, bands, DJs, art, performances of any kind. My favorite dish at Volkshotel is bitterballen. My favorite beer: Funky Falcon.”

Wibautstraat 150 (Volkshotel)

3. Vrijland Festival

“This a unique and amazing open-air event once a year in IJburg Zuid, called Blijburg aan Zee. It’s run by the Roest-team & their Friends. It’s a spectacular happening beyond all festivals I’ve ever seen before. Not too big, but very versatile and everything except boring. It has something for everyone, from toddlers to retirees, from hippies to ravers, from chillers to partyharders. A unique selection of artists, performers, DJ’s plus a crazy market of colorful shops, delicious streetfood stalls and countless installations and decorations.”

Blijburg aan Zee, once a year

4. De Nieuwe Anita

“As I was looking for new Amsterdam spots to explore, Alex (former programmer) of Volkshotel got me in touch with Olga of this special place in Amsterdam West. It’s masterly furnished with chic vintage furniture from forgotten decades. Not to forget all the sweet promotional decoration by this Belgian beer brand called “Vedett”. They booked me for my bingoshow and I have to say, the Dutch people are much more into bingo than the ignorant stiff Germans. It was so much fun. One thing should be said for sure: I have to mention one guy there, called Mikkel. He is the tallest and nicest doorguy I’ve ever met. Of course all the crew is warm-hearted and nice.”

Frederik Hendrikstraat 111

5. Checkpoint Charlie

“After I met Merante & Patrick Koot at De Nieuwe Anita. We loved each other ever since and planned some collaborations. They joined me for sets at Doka and they helped me get a bingoshow at this venue with the same name as the historical Berlin border-crossing from the times of the Cold War. The well known concert venue Melkweg did a reunion/crew meeting there with all the staff that worked at Melkweg over the years and I had the special honor to be part of it. Hope to come back soon.”

Nassaukade 48

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