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September 4

Canvas Resident DJs


We proudly present the three latest additions to our Canvas family. From this day on our favourite young talents Max Abysmal, Philou Louzolo and Tim Jules are resident DJs at Canvas. Apart from playing their trade in our cosy attic on a regular basis, they’ll be hosting their own club nights.

Polaroid802_1600pxheightMax Abysmal
Originally from Australia, Max moved to the Netherlands 6 years ago. Amsterdam’s nightlife and music scene made him stick around. As a vinyl collector, producer and DJ he’s made quite a name for himself. You might know him for his gigs in Studio80 and Lowlands Festival, where he enlightens the crowd with obscure, goosebump-raising gems.

His first BONANZA club night, with Australian house music maestro Bell Towers, is scheduled on October 3rd.

Resident Advisor

Polaroid747_1600pxheightPhilou Louzolo
This down to earth Zeeuw with Congolese roots resides in Rotterdam, but is one of our favourite regulars in Amsterdam’s club scene. His exotic afrohouse / afrofuturism sets take you to a place far away from the Dam, without rain and grey skies. As a DJ/producer with a predilection for funky and soulful music, Philou inevitably makes you go up there and shake that thang – as proven during his sets on e.g. PITCH festival and Volkshotel’s First Birthday.

Philou invites fellow Rotterdammer Moody Mehran for the first edition of HOTEL TROPIQUE on September 12th.

Resident Advisor


Tim Jules
DJ, producer, theater maker and all-round musical talent Jules Timmers aka Tim Jules was spoon-fed with music from birth. With a successful show on theater festival De Parade and frequent gigs at Disco Dolly and Amsterdam Roest, he’s been a pretty busy lad. His Canvas residency and and upcoming release on Marcel Vögel’s Lumberjacks in Hell mark a new chapter in his music career.

Spot Tim Jules in Canvas at the first edition of COSMODROME on October 9th.



Make sure to check out them boys at their gigs, and follow Canvas on Facebook to stay tuned on all the latest updates and upcoming events.

Photography by Raymond van Mil
Styling by Sophie Peeters

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