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April 29, 2015

Talk to: Tom de Kort


You could easily call this man a creative master mind. Festival De Zon, Club Godverdomme and the Speedo Club; you name it, he’s done it. His latest project is Lingerie Friday, a concept that he has developed together with Jonathan Kraayeveld, which stands for drinking beer in your underwear… that’s right! The second edition finds place on the 1st of May at Doka. Time for a chat about lingerie, a different mind set and double shots of Vodka.

Let’s cut straight to the point; how did you come up with the idea of Lingerie Friday?
“It’s been a normal thing for a while now that on Fridays we work in our boxershorts at the office. If we have in house meetings we also invite guests to do the same. Sometimes it works out and creates funny situations. This extended into drinks on Friday afternoon in lingerie and this idea turned into a party. It just feels good being (almost) naked, it breaks the routine and creates a different, creative mind set. It’s good to act weird.”


Cool and maybe a bit uncomfortable… What did you think of the first edition?
“It turned out really well! People were a bit scared at first, but after going straight to the bar they got comfortable. Double shots of vodka and tequila do help. It was much more cozy than an average party and a bit of booze is fine on a Friday night. It’s about not taking yourself too seriously and seeing it as a big joke. Luckily most people get that.”

So you’re comfortable in your underwear with a drink in your hand. What about phones, keys, money?
“Footwear is obligatory, so I had coins in my socks haha. You definitely need shoes because because there might be some glass on the ground. I found out women have more storing space, like in their bra, so that wasn’t a problem.”

Any other how to’s for folks that come in for the first time?
“An open mind set and don’t worry what you look like because we support a bit of variety. Come in your underwear, whether that’s a boxer with hearts on it, a sexy negligee or some suspenders. Speedo’s and bathing suits are swimwear, so that doesn’t count. It helps if you join the revelry, if you’re fully dressed you might feel like a wounded, stumble animal that’s left behind haha.”


I’ve never heard about a similar concept. Any ideas of taking this overseas?
“Lingerie parties are a familiar concept, but they’re mostly cheesy and use women as sex objects. So that’s the opposite side of the atmosphere we want to achieve. I’ve never thought about places like Capetown or Shanghai, but you never know. You’ve made me think…”

Lingerie Friday takes place on the 1st of May at Doka. Doors open 23.00, entrance is free. For more info:

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