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October 4, 2013

Folk: Mirthe Blussé


Mirthe Blussé, illustrator and designer, was one of the first people to hire a place in the Volkskrant building. She started in the broom closet, climbed up to sixth floor and now has a place in the creative hub on first floor “Nice to peek into the backyards of the neighbours.”

Who are you?
Mirthe Blussé

What are you doing?
I am an illustrator and designer.

What projects are you currently working on?
I am working on the design of a book cover, illustrating a new series of  postcards ‘Circus’ and I also working on a series of drawings ‘Lucky Bastards’. Soon I hope to start on the illustrations for a children’s book and a logo for a healthy diet.

What is your connection with the building?
I am one of the first tenants of the creative nest. I have had a studio since 2007 when I was just fresh out of art school. And I live around the corner, so could hardly be more ideal! I started in a broom closet on the ground floor, opposite Urban Resort. Soon I could get a nice big room on the 6th floor and have views over the city. Now I sit on the 1st floor, which also a great place. Nice peek into the backyards of the neighbours.

How would you describe the cooperation with the other creative people?
I have met so many nice people here. Most are very relaxed and cozy. It’s a nice mix of different professions. I share the floor with documentary / filmmakers, architects, journalists, designers of roof gardens, theater costumes makers and leather bags producers. And at night, the musicians and DJs usually come back too.

What is your most special memory of the Volkskrant building?
Where do I begin …? The ‘blacklight party in the catacombs’ during the last  Transformer Festival? The numerous ‘break’ drinks in the sun on the roof of Canvas.



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