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June 22, 2015

Talk to: Chafik – Frank Festival


HOORAY, it’s our birthday! Saturday 27 june 2015, we host our first birthday party: a small recap of the first year of Volkshotel, in collaboration with friends like Fringe Festival, Creative Mornings, 22tracks and 24classics. Time for a chat with some of our friends, who have been there since the early beginning. Let us introduce: Chafik Benhmidouch, creative entrepreneur and founder of Frank Festival and Diner Obscure: “We are taking over a hotel room, so that’s definitely going to be exciting.”

You’re hosting Frank Festival in Amsterdam East, so we’re basically neighbors. What’s Frank Festival about?
“We want to create an honest, outspoken and open-hearted festival at Amstelpark, a beautiful piece of Amsterdam. Our idea is to create a place for local musicians to present themselves to an audience full of connaisseurs. We focus on live music and performances, because we think that’s lacking in Amsterdam at the moment. Hopefully we can create an atmosphere where different kind of people meet with lots of space for expression, artistic development, freedom and tolerance. Tickets are friendly priced to keep it accessible for everybody.”


And now you’re also present at our Bday bash with an intimate Frank Festival area. What can we expect?
“An acoustic teaser of what Frank Festival has to offer this summer. Young talents and well known bands like De Nachtdienst, XXXS and Sunday Kids will perform in a different setting then you might expect… We are taking over a hotel room, so that’s definitely going to be exciting.”

It’s our birthday so a good time to reflect as well. Any ideas for volkshotel in the future or things that we could improve?
“It’s already a great spot where you can drink cocktails at night time and enjoy a good meal. Maybe Badplaats on the 8th floor could use some more decoration and funkiness. At night it is a perfect location for a rooftop party and drinks as well, wouldn’t that be cool?!”


Let’s finish it off with one last Volkshotel anecdote…
“When Volkshotel had just opened we had our first Frank Festival team meeting there. We thought it would be nice to sneak up to the 8th floor, chill out in the hot tubs and do the brainstorm right there. Of course we got caught, but luckily they were nice enough to let us stay and finish the meeting.”

Join us on our very first Birthday party this Saturday and get a teaser of Frank Festival: Frank Festival takes place at Amstelpark on 12th September. For more information and the full line-up check out their website.

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