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May 29, 2015

Talk to: Marina Tadic


With a piece of chalk (or several), a black wall and no restrictions, we invite creatives to let loose on our lobby chalkboard. It’s our second Artist in the spotlight. Let us introduce the dreamy and humble, Illustrator and Musician, Marina Tadic (25).

Tell us a little about yourself….
I’m Marina, born in Bosnia, but been living in the Netherlands for 20 years. I finished art school about 4 years ago. Lately, I’ve been making more music than drawings. I’m a dreamy person.

Marina Tadic1

What do you do? What inspires you?
My work mainly consists of posters and covers, but I also make animations. I like to combine figurative and abstract worlds that leave space for interpretation. I also like to experiment with different materials. For the past months I’ve been busy with my music project Eerie Wanda and animated a video for one of our songs. It was a super intuitive process and it was really fun.

How did you become an Illustrator?
I guess I just started by making a website and sharing my work online. Also my network grew because of the place where I work: Extrapool in Nijmegen. This is an experimental art space with a wonderful risoprint workspace, where I’m learning how to risoprint at the moment. (For those who don’t know, Risoprinting is a stencil duplication process, similar to screen printing).

marina chalkboard 2

And finally, tell us about the chalkboard…?
I drew a man sleeping under a blanket, which is also a landscape. Above you see a night sky with UFOs, planes, zeppelins and stars. This is a reference to all the dynamic things happening at Volkshotel while people sleep. I haven’t worked on this big size in a long time and never with chalk before, so it was a fun experiment. The last time I’ve been in this building about 6 years, when it was completely filled with temporary artist studios. A lot has changed since then… It really seems like a cool place!

Marina chalkboard

Take a look at Marina’s world of Art and Music. We’re sure you’ll be as impressed as us.

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