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December 3, 2015

This urban creative colors Amsterdam


With his company WeTheCity urban creative Jesse Jorg (33) wants to add some color to big cities. He shakes up neighborhoods with temporary interventions and creates collaborations between citizens with projects like Het Bankjescollectief and De Buurtcamping. His latest project ‘Amsterdam Boiling’ is an ammunition room for impatient city makers and functions as an instant crowd funding platform where ideas, energy and knowledge come together. The fourth edition of Boiling takes place at Volkshotel on Monday December 14th. Jesse: “I like to think of Amsterdam as a canvas and stimulate creative citizens to color their city.”

 How did you come up with Amsterdam Boiling?
“It started out of frustration, which often is a good matrix for ideas haha. I found it hard to finance new projects as you often need a big project plan, multiple financiers and so on. There are few places where you can try a new project to see whether it works. So I wanted to create the possibility for city makers to pitch ideas and get instant funding combined with lessons and tips from the crowd. Dream big, start small, that kind of thing. ‘Soup Detroit’ also inspired me; an event where people pitch ideas for their city, the crowd votes and the best idea takes home the ticket sales. That is how Boiling was born.”


After three successful editions at Pakhuis De Zwijger, the fourth one is coming up at Volkshotel. What can people expect of a Boiling event?
“It’s the first English edition, so that is exciting. Expats, you are all welcome too haha! The evening has an energetic vibe; it is cool to decide together what kind of city we want Amsterdam to be. People present their best ideas, exchange tips and of course it is an ode to the power of the crowd as they pick the winner. Next to money, presenters also receive ammunition from the crowd to execute their project.”

Any favorite Boiling projects you want to share?
Ondergronds, winner of the last edition, is a cool example of an art project. They deliver advice from the journey of life, connecting you with local seniors for a conversation on a moving Metro train. Kitchen Roulette is a really sympathetic idea as they connect people by organizing dinners in living rooms. From starter to dessert – each course finds place in a different living room. That way you get to meet a funky crowd and residents of Amsterdam.”

Foto- Melanie van Zweeden bij het BreiBankje

Cool initiatives. Sounds like every big city could use a Boiling event.
“We would love to take Boiling to other cities like Istanbul, Den Bosch and maybe even Medellin in Colombia. My dream is to implement it in countries where corruption is a big issue as it becomes really relevant there.”

Any other crazy ideas that come to mind?
“In the future I would also like to create urban rooftop campings, using the large rooftop landscape as a place to sleep. It is a unique place to camp, but green rooftops also have a positive effect on isolation, water management and a roof lasts longer this way. No need to pay rent for using a roof, that is an added bonus. Basically the city is never finished if you ask me.”

Amsterdam Boiling 2

Amsterdam Boiling takes place on Monday 14th December at Volkshotel. Join us and get your tickets right here: Have an idea yourself? There is no excuse anymore… Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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