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September 25, 2018

4 favourite records by Boas from the Good Music Vinyl Market


Saturday October 20th is for gramophone beginners and experienced diggers. A chill afternoon vinyl market during ADE with affordable records. Perfect for hangover record digging: good music, vinyl and beers. Boas from the Good Music Vinyl Market shows his favourite finds to get you in the mood for some digging yourself.

Lagos Disco Inferno (Afro)
Label: Voodoo Funk
Released: 2010

Voodoo Funk is one of my favourite disco labels. I bought this record while travelling through Japan at the Rare Groove record shop in Osaka. Incredible city music wise and there’s a lot of record shops. This is a compilation album with afro killers from the 70’s/80’s. It is one of my favourite disco records and I play it in almost every set that I do (Youtube link).

Chaos in the CBD: Midnight in Peckham (House)
Label: Rhythm Section International
Released: 2015

A cool jazzy house record. It works very well to open a set with. I actually bought this on one of the previous Good Music Vinyl Markets at Jongens van Hemmes, a record shop from Groningen with a super cool house collection (Youtube link).

Les Choc Stars Du Zaire Ben Nyamabo (Afro)
Label: Rush Hour Recordings
Released: 2018

This is my most recent buy at Rush Hour. The original is from 1989, but it had a re-release a little while ago. An electronica banger. Check it out, it’s crazy! (Youtube link)

Digital Emotion (Italo)
Label: Break Records
Released: 1984

This is a great Italo disco record, produced by a couple of Dutch guys. I bought this one at Espresso Records during one of the previous Good Music Vinyl Markets at Volkshotel. Great party vibes! (Youtube link)

Good Music Vinyl Market
Saturday October 20th
13:00 – 19:00
Facebook event

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