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June 18, 2019

5 years Volkshotel with Elroy Vanderley


Volkshotel almost turns 5 years old. A good reason to put some people in the spotlight who made Volkshotel to what it is today. This time Elroy Vanderley, one of our resident dj’s.

How long do you and Volkshotel go back?

“I started DJing at Volkshotel since the beginning in 2014. I was even DJing on the seventh floor before it was part of Volkshotel. So I go way back.”

What do you like about DJing in Volkshotel?

“I like that there’s a different vibe on every floor. In Werkplaats people are having their after work drinks, In Canvas on the 7th floor people are enjoying their meal and they shift slowly into the night. In Doka I can be the most experimental. People really go for it there and they let go of all their inhibitions. Also I like the fact that the crowd is mixed with locals and hotel guests. I’m always really conscious of the fact that Volkshotel is a hotel in the first place and I want the guests to have a nice experience and enjoy Amsterdam and Volkshotel. For example: If I see an older couple enjoying music they wouldn’t normally listen to and they end up staying all night, it really moves me. I always try to set a nice mood and build up my set in a proper way, depending on the location.”

What is the most precious memory you have of 5 years Volkshotel?

“The most precious memory was New Years Eve: Plan B in 2017. The music curators were kind of struggling to come up with a good theme. So they decided that I, Elroy Vanderley, was going to be the theme. They had huge posters of me hanging all over the building of embarrassing moments. First I was a bit laid-back about it but when I actually saw all the posters on the night itself I’ve never been so nervous in my entire life. It ended up to be a super cool party with some great memories.”

What are the 5 records you always bring along when playing here?

“I always start of nice and slow with dub, funk or 90’s hiphop. Some examples: Patrice Rushen – Where there is love, Mad Professor – You’re Rights, My Rights & Beatnuts – Here’s a Drink. When the night progresses I take it up a notch and I’m likely to play Linkwood – Falling. Recently I played E Meyers – Rabona when Doka was fully packed and everybody just went for it. Crazy times!”

Check our agenda to see when Elroy plays his next set in Volkshotel.

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