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December 5

Happy Sinterklaas


Hooray! Sinterklaas and Piet came to Volkshotel. So we HAVE been good! With a sack full of presents and 30 kilos of pepernoten, a fun time was had by all (well, maybe not the cleaners).

For those who don’t know (the rest of the world): Sinterklaas is an old man who looks like Santa Claus’ skinny older brother. Every November he comes on a boat from Spain to Holland with his helpers, who are all named ‘Piet’. On the evening of the 5th of December, he brings presents and pepernoten for the children and sometimes the adults. If you have been bad he takes you in his sack back to Spain.


Last Saturday, Sinterklaas visited Volkshotel with a lot of presents for all children. So either we’ve been good or he just couldn’t fit the hotel in his sack.  Accompanied by Marcel Barlag and his DJ-booth-bike, it was a real ‘gezellige’ day.

Happy Sinterklaas everyone!

Sinterklaas sinterklaas 5 SINTERKLAAS2 Sinterklaas 4  SINTERKLAAS 3

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