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September 28, 2018

How to spice up your DJ set: 5 tips by Psycho-Jones


Entertainer Psycho-Jones from Germany will be taking over Doka again during ADE on Saturday, October 20th. He has been Doka’s resident from the beginning and adds much more to a night than most DJs might dare to. Think rock ‘n roll, disco, indie and soul topped off with mad decorations and weird games. With Amsterdam Dance Event just around the corner, he’s the perfect guy to ask for five tips to spice up your DJ set.

Tip 1: Don’t just bring a record bag, laptop, console or USB.
“Break up the borders of the known DJ business! Add something unique, no one else does! Maybe in a matter of Decoration, Lights, Visuals, Performance, Toys, Gifts, Instruments.”

Tip 2: Don’t be too straight with your set.
“Though it might be exciting & challenging to prepare Music that fits perfect in one Row. But don’t forget. Most guest won’t understand this & might get bored. Better break up your Set with surprisingly Changes & Breaks. Tracks of Styles no one would expect. Samples, Effects. Everybody is bored of the classic Bassdrop Move. Of course, do not try to be too confusing.”

Tip 3: Dress up in an uncommon way for your DJ set.
“Wearing your daily Clothes has no special Expression in it, except when you use it as Understatement. Don’t wear Stuff everybody else wears in the Scene. Then you just look like a Clone in the Stream. Try to find your own Brand/Taste. Suits, Hats, Gloves, Masks, Makeup, Wigs. Of course, it should be something suitable for the Event/Occasion. Don’t wear just a Tanga for a Wedding, except it’s the dress code. Of course, some people are totally satisfied by wearing common Styles to be Part of a Scene or Movement. But that’s not for me!”

Tip 4: Try to be nice to the audience, though it can be hard sometimes.
“If someone talks/requests in an inappropriate Way, reverse it by being convincingly smart & ironic. Of course, the DJ is no Jukebox, no open Playlist which is controlled by pushing Buttons on a Remote Control. But the dancing Crowd is always a Mix of the Chemistry of the Spinner & the Audience. Never forget: Treating Guests unfriendly can have a negative Effect on the Vibe & Mood. If there is a real Asshole, better inform the Bar Staff or Securities as it’s their Job to manage this. Sometimes if I can’t play a guests Request I give them a Gift like Candy, a Sticker or free Shot. Most Guests will be happy with it!”

Tip 5: Being high might be a common thing in the DJ Scene, don’t do it.
“Too much of these Helpers easily will lead to loss of Control. A drunk or intoxicated DJ can be very annoying. Sure: Everybody is free to take Drugs, smoke whatever or drink Alcohol during DJ Sets. I’m not the one who is to tell others what to do. But from my Experience: Music is the only real Drug & its Part of the Show anyway. Give it, spread it, inhale it, feel it. Get your Rush from the tunes you play. It’s so pure & easy!”

Volkshotel ADE | OPEN DOKA w/ Psycho-Jones


October 20th
00:00 – 06:00
Facebook event

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