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August 14

Magneet Festival: ‘No spectators, only participators’


Magneet Festival (‘Magnet Festival’) is coming to town! A good party, nice food, lot’s of creative minds and genuine happy people. This festival is one of our personal favorites. Why? Go and see for yourself: 22-23-24 and 29-30-31 of August.

On an artificial sand valley at the Zeeburger Island (Zeeburgereiland) in the East of Amsterdam visitors can enjoy music, theatre, experimental constructions, fine arts, children’s activities and more. Everybody with a creative initiative is welcome to pitch their idea to the internet platform. If this idea is popular and possible, Magneet Festival co-creates and facilitates. This makes Magneet Festival the first crowdsourced festival of its kind in Europe.

Magneet door Arthur-de-Smidt-naamsvermelding-verplicht-0009

‘No spectators, only participators’ has always been the “Magneet philosophy”. To create something special you need to work together, on which this co-creational festival is also based. With “Leave no Trace” as motto, it’s clear that durability plays an important part during the festival: participants are expected to keep sustainability in mind when building and breaking down whatever they have in mind. It’s a special place and we’re giving it back in its original state, if not cleaner.

Magneet door Arthur-de-Smidt-naamsvermelding-verplicht-0007

Magneet Festival Opening hours:
Fridays: 15:00 – 23.00
Saturdays and Sundays: 13:00 – 23:00
Fridays and Sundays: €15,-
Saturdays: €22,50,-
Weekend passe partouts: €45,-
Public Transport:
Amsterdam Central Station: Tram 26 (direction IJburg), stop: Zuiderzeeweg.
Amsterdam Amstel Station: Bus 37 (direction Molenwijk), stop: Zuiderweg.
There are signs showing the way to Magneet Festival from bus and tram stop.

Photo’s (c) Arthur de Smidt

Magneet door Arthur-de-Smidt-naamsvermelding-verplicht-0001 Magneet door Arthur-de-Smidt-naamsvermelding-verplicht-0003

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