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May 7, 2018

Road Story: Thomas Hook


Street musicians prefer the warm sunlight over the bright spotlight. We asked several buskers to keep a diary for one day. In these ‘Road Stories’, you’ll get a glimpse into the life on the road.

Bored as hell in a mid-sized Dutch country town, Thomas Hook started practising Hendrix and Steve Ray Vaughan riffs on his guitar. His music is clearly influenced by his favourite blues and folk songs.

The gear
“Forgetting one of these things is a pain in the ass. “Played until my fingers bled”, said Bryan Adams, well that literally happens when loudly strumming a guitar for hours without a pick. I don’t always use the amp. When I am playing in a place with good acoustics I often save myself the trouble of carrying it around.”

“Allegedly the most photographed place of Amsterdam. When it’s sunny, this is a great place to be playing. Classical musicians are waiting in line to play in the passage through the Rijksmuseum. I don’t like waiting. I’ll be back there tonight, but first I’ll enjoy the sun and make some money here, 100 meters further.”

My favourite place in the world
“So here I am, it’s late and dark out. There are way fewer people walking by then in the daytime. The museum has been closed for hours. At this time this place is magical. The fewer people that are walking here, the more amazing the acoustics are. The sound of my voice and the guitar echo through the arches above and fill the whole passage. The people that do walk by are more likely to stop and listen for a while. This is my favourite spot in the world for busking.”

Money money money!
“I am a passionate musician and all. But I can’t deny that I like the money you can make busking. This can is my savings account. It fits about 450 euro in coins. I once bought a pair of shoes, 110 euro, in coins. Good times.”

Busker’s Inn 2018 – Street music festival
Sunday 03 June 2018 // 12:00-21:00
Volkshotel // Wibautstraat 150 // Amsterdam
Attend on Facebook or visit festival website for full programme

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