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November 20, 2018

Short Movie Sunday at Volkshotel 16 December


Short Movie Sunday is Volkshotel’s very first room to room movie event. Spend your Sunday afternoon exploring our most special hotel rooms and enjoying the best short flicks.

Kick back, relax on our comfy beds and enjoy… but don’t get too comfortable. Showtime is 20 minutes per room. Enough for one short movie (or some ultra short ones). After that, it’s on to the next room. Your ticket grants you access all five participating special themed rooms. 

Date: December 16th
Time: 4pm – 7.30pm
Tickets: Click here

Our movie programme is selected by Deep End Film. Organizer Mathieu Janssen watches hundreds of short movies every year and made a selection of his favorites. “Expect a mix of award-winning and critically acclaimed films and lesser known films (like graduation projects). From fiction to animation to documentaries. Something for everyone”, he says. “But we also want to provoke a reaction from the viewers”.

Getting curious? Here’s a little sneak preview of what’s coming:

Ten Meter Tower (2016)

A ten meter diving tower. Jump or climb down? People who have never been up there before have to choose whether to jump or climb down. The situation itself highlights a dilemma: to weigh the instinctive fear of taking the step out against the humiliation of having to climb down.
What would you do?

Merry-go-round (2017)

A short length film by Ukrainian director Ihor Podolchak where shadows turn the carousel in the foggy catacombs.

Projection on Sofa (2016)

This stop-motion graduation movie by Violette Delvoye from Belgium is about a couple having a movie night at home. And the interesting conversations that flourish from staying in.

The Camel (2016)

A camel dies in the local zoo. Paulius and Indre – two caretakers discover it and try to dispose of the dead animal. But it turns out to be a much harder task than they imagined.  A unique short movie by Lithuanian director Laurynas Bareisa.

Tickets for Short Movie Sunday are €15. Wanna make your lazy Sunday complete? We’ll do the cooking. Ticket + Burger (veggie option available) + Volkspils = €25. Click here to get your tickets. Want to stay updated on this event? Click ‘Going’ or ‘Interested’ on our Facebook event.

This programme is for viewers over 12 years.

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