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June 2

The Green Knowledge Mile

Hotel Hotel

Lend your neighbors a cup of sugar every now and then. It might be the start of something big. Being located on the Wibautstraat, we discovered that Volkshotel has got some pretty smart neighbors. From the Rembrandt tower until the Rembrandt house, the Wibautstraat is also known as the Knowledge Mile. A community that combines knowledge, creativity and technology to create a smarter, more livable and greener environment.

The Knowledge Mile community consists of universities, schools, companies, organizations and citizens with a soft spot for Amsterdam. Including Volkshotel. By combining forces The Knowledge Mile tries to transform the once ugly and unattractive Wibautstraat into the smartest street of the country. A big part of this dream is green. So side project The Green Knowledge Mile was launched to kick-off smart experiments that will improve air quality, reduce city heat and simply make the Wibautstraat a more inviting area for everyone.


Green experiments at Volkshotel
At this very moment every raindrop that falls on Volkshotel’s roof is being saved in a big container located in our parking lot. During operation Hemelswater (translated: Heaven’s water) students of MediaLAB Amsterdam, water management experts and De Prael beer brewers work together to make a tasty Volkshotel Birthday beer out of our rain water. In the front of Volkshotel another experiment is being prepared. Our canopy will soon be reconstructed so ivy plants can grow on it’s rooftop and will turn CO2 into fresh oxygen. Keep an eye out for more green experiments at the Wibautstraat in the future.

The Knowledge Mile


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