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July 30

The Folk make the ‘VolksHotel’


First things first, the cat needs a name. We would like to introduce to you… VolksHotel! The name is derived from the philosophy of the hotel. The idea of creating a meeting place for people of all shapes and sizes, locals, tourists, freelancers, staff, artists, entrepenuers. An integration of everyone.

We entered into a co-marketing with the Volkskrant Newspaper, the former occupants of the building. The word Volks will remain in our name, as will the sign on the outside of the building. It was formulated by our creative team who have been working on a book full of ideas, designs and concepts for months.

On the sunny terrace of Canvas on 17th July 2013 with Frits Campagne, director of the Volkskrant, signatures were scribbled.  Then we shook hands, popped champagne, ate some cake and all was well.


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