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August 21, 2018

Volkshotel x ADE 2018


From 17 till 21 October Amsterdam Dance Event takes place in the city. During ADE, Volkshotel will transform into a creative hub where DJs and dancers unite. But enjoying audiovisual art, digging records at our vinyl market, joining a night lecture about hedonism in the 21st century and collaborate with producers to make your own music in our pop-up studio is also possible.

We are proud to present our complete programme for Amsterdam Dance Event 2018. Here’s what’s up.
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Felix x Doka Night Lecture
Thursday 18/10 // Doka // 23:00-00:30 // Get your tickets
During this ADE night lecture, we examine the follies and wisdom of pre-arranged hedonism, our continuous pursuit of happiness and the long-term effects of this modern day thrill seeking. How it can be beneficial to live this paradoxical way of life, or how we could benefit from turning it all down a notch.

Cosmic Rhythm Label Showcase w/ Jovonn & more
Friday 19/10 // Canvas // 23:00-06:00 // Get your tickets
During the first club night, we invited Cosmic Rhythm to host a night. They invite 90s New York house music legend Jovonn (US) for a special 2,5 hour long DJ set. It’s almost as if the Cosmic Rhythm crew has built a time machine and used it to research the golden age of house. As the head-honcho of Body’N Deep and a with a multitude of releases throughout the 25 years, he’s one of the true house legends bound to make the foundations of Volkshotel shake.

OPEN DOKA w/ ENKA & Luca de Rosso (audiovisual art installation)
Friday 19/10 Doka // 00:00-06:00 // FREE
Interaction designer and audiovisual artist Luca de Rosso showcases his audiovisual art installation: AV0 during this Open Doka night. The installation is an exploration of human-computer collaboration in the audiovisual field, where the computer is responsible for visuals. It decides what to display, its behaviour and the duration of each piece. Leaving to the performer to decide how to respond. The piece focuses on the interaction between the two, asking the performer and the viewer basic questions. What will the computer choose to do? How will the performer respond?

Beste Modus w/ Cinthie, Ed Herbst & Stevn.Aint.Leavn
Saturday 20/10 // Canvas // 23:00-06:00 // Get your tickets
We are incredibly excited to welcome the Berlin-based label Beste Modus for our second club night in Canvas. With Cinthie, Stevn.Aint.Leavn, Ed Herbst and Porter on the bill, you can expect 6+ hours of house music with driving basslines and raw 90’s textures from the German crew. 

OPEN DOKA with Psycho-Jones
Saturday 20/10 // Doka // 00:00-06:00 // FREE
Psycho Jones adds much more to a night than most DJs might dare to. Think rock ‘n roll, disco, indie and soul topped off with mad decorations and weird games. Psycho-Jones has been Doka’s resident from the beginning. He’s the cornerstone figure of what we think of when we think Doka in the night.

Good Music Vinyl Market
Sunday 21/10 // Werkplaats // 12:00-19:00 // FREE
The Good Music Vinyl Market is a fresh Sunday afternoon vinyl market that brings a true ode to one of the best things in life: records digging. Expect labels and vinyl shops to bring their best yet affordable records, from disco to soul, reggae, house and jazz. We have invited strictly vinyl DJs to play lazy afternoon sets and we have our fridge stocked with cold beers.

Sit Down with Selected Ambient Works pt I & II (sold out)
Sunday 21/10 // Doka // 15:00-17:00 // Get your tickets
On the Sunday afternoon, we finish off our ADE programme in style. We’ll be doing a listening session & in-depth talk about two of our favourite albums, Selected Ambient Works pt I & II from Aphex Twin. We wanted to experience these albums to the fullest, so we teamed up with HiFi Klubben for this one. For one day only they’ll be placing their most prestigious sound system in our basement, providing the highest fidelities possible. The perfect way to end your ADE weekend.

That about sums it up for our ADE 2018 – we’re really looking forward to this week of musical madness. Do you feel like joining in on all the fun? We have a special all-in-one ticket that grants access to all of our programme, you can grab it: here.

See you in October!

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