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December 6

Folk: Marcel Barlag


Marcel – Marcellin Gerardus Maria Barlag, who doesn’t know Marcel! For five years, every Tuesday at Canvas, he turned music records with his ‘musicycle’ more recently in DOKA Royale from 21.00 to 00.00. But what people might not know is that Marcel and his daughter have created an eyewear collection in the heart of Amsterdam, ‘Eyedentity’.

Marcel is born and raised in Amsterdam. He is currently working on the design of ‘Eyedentity’, the interior of their office and fixing up his own studio. A busy guy for a 56 year old!

Marcel is a content man. He has already filtered out of his life everything he could do without. Reminiscing of his Tuesdays in the Volksrant building he says “In one of the photos you can see I was a big fan of the Canvas Burger. The chefs have calculated that I have devoured about 250 within 5 years. All the more reason to give me the dubious honor of closing honorary citizen!”

The future looks rosy for Marcel keeping up his sunny and positive spirit.

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