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March 10, 2017

Let’s talk to Cookin’s new resident DJ: Hellie Berry

Hellie Berry is one of the resident DJ’s at our new club concept called Cookin’. Once a month it will be a Hellie Berry allnighter. A good reason to get to know her a little better. In 2013 she had an interview on ‘Powerlady’. A confronting interview, she calls it now, because she was at the beginning of her DJ carreer and had a different perspective on the scene back then. We wondered what she thinks of the same topics today.

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In your interview you stated for women in the DJ scene it’s sometimes hard to be taken seriously. How does the DJ-landscape look for female DJ’s today?
Bright! I mean, it’s a clear fact that there are more male than female DJ’s. But it makes me smile if I hear my colleagues at Claire asking which women they miss on the line-up. Around me I see more and more bookers trying to broaden their working field. And it’s not only women being booked more and more, I also see more people of colour. The other way around, some of my male DJ colleagues are only playing when a line-up is a certain percentage of women or/and gay. I myself, am not afraid to confront an organisation if this is not the case. I think we should al keep on doing this. In 2017 it feels weird to a see line-up with only (white) men.

In 2013, you played a lot of funk, disco and deep house. Has your taste in music changed or are you still spinning in the same style?
I still play music to dance to, but the variation of styles has become greater. I love to make the transition from fun Disco to dark House or from high energy Italo to Acid. Sometimes you’ll hear some tropical sounds in the mix. The styles do match and fit, there’s a reason they sound similar.

In the former interview, you mentioned the eight hour long marathon with DJ Halve Soul at beach club Indigo as a highlight in your carreer. After your new years of experience, what do you think is your new peak?
It’s not so much one event anymore, but rather the fact that DJ’ing connects you to people who are just as passionate – if not, more – about music. Also, it takes you to the strangest places. I think that is what I like about my carreer. My dream is to keep doing this for as long as I can. To keep improving and rediscovering myself and to keep on surprising people.

From now on, you are resident DJ for our new weekly club event called Cookin’. How’s that for you?
Cool! All night-sets are the best. In these six hour sets I get to improve myself every time and I love the fact that the night is completely mine to fill in. I get to tell the Cookin’ story from the beginning to the end.

// Read the whole ‘Powerlady’ interview here.

// Cookin’
Everybody knows: at the best house parties, the kitchen is where it’s at. That is why we like to throw parties in Canvas: the former Volkskrant newspaper cantine, on top of Volkshotel. Restaurant from dawn to dusk, party til dawn.

Event // Cookin’ w/ Hellie Berry
Tickets // €5 on the door, no presale

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