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September 5, 2013

Folk: Lex Pott


Lex Pott was one of the designers in the creative team for Volkshotel.

Who are you?
Lex Pott , Worked as a designer in Amsterdam NDSM Wharf

How old are you ?
28 years . Born on 18-06-1985

Where are you from?
Hilversum. The Hollywood Netherlands! Born and raised.

What do you do for a living?
I am working as product and interior designer I experiment a lot with materials .

What is your connection with the building?
I was asked by Bas van Tol to join the creative team to come up with different designs within the building. The Volkskrant building is for me, a real Amsterdam historical building with a wonderful history. The craft of making newspapers has been here since a long time. In my view it is very nice that the future hotel holds the history of the building alive!

What is your most special memory of the Volkskrant building?
The interview with the former employees. For us it was an anonymous office building. The employees were able to tell wonderful stories at every corner and space. This conversation gave so much value and history of the building.

What wont you miss?
Sick Building Syndrome! It was difficult to concentrate in the building because of poor air quality. Always a strange feeling in your head after a few hours. Fortunately, with the new hotel this will be completely overhauled!

What secrets do you have here?
Looking into someone else’s studio. I find it fun to look around creative workspaces

How do you envision the future of VolksHotel?
A meeting place for the creative industry and a good restaurant where you can regularly go with a beautiful view

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